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COVID-19 Updates

Families First Coronavirus Response Act information

January 12, 2022

To Parents of New Home ISD Students,

Unfortunately, COVID has returned to our school and community, and based on some of the phone calls we are receiving, I feel it is appropriate to update you on the latest guidelines from TEA and DSHS. I am aware that many of the notes and advice from doctor’s offices are in contraction to our school guidelines, but we are required to follow the state education code. As of the latest update on January 7, 2022, the current code is as follows.

“Coronavirus disease 2019 commonly referred to as COVID-19 is a disease requiring exclusion from school under 25 Tex. Admin. Code § 97.7.

A school administrator shall exclude from attendance any child having or suspected of having COVID-19. Exclusion shall continue until the readmission criteria for the conditions are met. The readmission criteria for COVID-19 is as follows:

If symptomatic, exclude until at least 10 days have passed since symptom onset, and fever free*, and other symptoms have improved. Children who test positive for COVID-19 but do not have any symptoms must stay home until at least 10 days after the day they were tested.

*Fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever suppressing medications. Fever is a temperature of 100° Fahrenheit (37.8° Celsius) or higher.”

Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe, and as always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a school administrator.

Go Leopards!!!
Shane Fiedler